Green Lake Kids Triathlon!

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Green Lake Kids Triathlon Course Info


Swim Bike Run
  • Boys & Girls Combined 3-4 yr old 20yd 1 lap 1 lap
  • Boys & Girls Combined 5-6 yr old 50yd 3 laps 1 lap
  • **Ages below have separate girls and boys divisions**
  • 7-8 yr old 75yd 1mi .5mi
  • 9-10 yr old 100yd 2mi .5mi
  • 11-12 yr old 150yd 3mi 1mi
  • *Personal kickboards/life preservers are certainly welcome*
  • Swimming takes place in shallow water along the public beach area. Parents can be in the water anytime.
  • Bike and run course for bottom 2 age groups is in a closed setting for safety reasons (Saulsbury parking lot). Older bike routes are in a residential area in Spicer.
  • Transition areas are limited to athletes and parents of under age 7 athletes. 7 and over may NOT receive assistance in this area. Race volunteers are available in transition area.